2 hours guided; “sea” things while you paddle the calm waters of pretty Tsehum harbour, which has a beach, a couple small coves, and a lagoon; a place where seals and seabirds reside–the perfect tour for cautious beginners, children (7+) going in a double with mom or dad, or those with limited time


Usual meeting time for Inner Beauty Tour is by arrangement (latest departure 3 pm).

Meet at our kayak dock. Within a few minutes of launching, we are across Tsehum harbour to its north shore, which is free from boat traffic, but not seal traffic! A gregarious group of Pacific Harbour seals haul out on the rocks in Tsehum harbour at the lower tides, and even at the higher tides, we see seals poking their heads up at us and we often hear them (they sound like they need their adnoids removed…). We paddle the completely protected harbour along the shore to a large lagoon, which we also explore. Besides seals and seabirds, you may also catch a glimpse of mink, river otters (yes, they live in the sea) and raccoons along the shore. This is the ultimate introduction to kayaking, but it does come with a word of caution: kayaking is highly addictive and after doing this tour, you may be tempted to explore the outer islands with us on one of our half day or full day tours….

Usual return time 2 hours after departure time.

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