Welcome to the tropics of Canada! You have come to the right place to get out in nature on the water side.  A Paddle in the Park Kayaking offers guided kayak tours to paddlers of every experience level.  We are fortunate to be located close not only to the beautiful seaside town of Sidney, British Columbia, but also to a cluster of gulf islands and islets just a few minutes away from our dock.  The islands provide the ideal location for paddling about and exploring the shallow waters and shorelines. Not only are the islands home to many marine and terrestrial mammal and bird species, but they provide supreme paddling conditions – they are protected from wind and have many small channels to explore.  All guided tours include a basic forward paddle stroke lesson.

Imagine for yourself! The sun is beaming down and reflecting sparkles off the water; gregarious Pacific Harbour seals sun themselves on nearby rocks, while a family of Canadian geese paddle the shoreline with their young family.  A bald eagle watches from his perch.  We paddle leisurely through clear, shallow waters and kelp gardens, exploring islets and waterways and come upon a blue heron, much like a sentry, at the rocky point.  Later, a family of otters peer curiously at the kayaks drifting by…

Kayaker Sidney BC

Keep your feet dry! We launch the kayaks from our dock, which is designed with a small “step-down”.  Entering our kayaks is easy, and you won’t get your feet wet getting in at our dock.

Your guide, Nick Gallant, is an experienced level three guide with the sea kayak guide’s alliance of B.C. and an avid outdoorsman. The SKGABC sets the minimum skill standards for sea kayak guide certification in British Columbia.  Safety is paramount in sea kayaking, and we want our customers to have a quality and safe kayaking experience.  In that regard, tour routes will vary due to current environmental conditions and the guide’s discretion after taking the speed and direction of wind and currents into consideration.  We don’t take tours out in strong winds, rain, or inclement weather.  Having said, that, it seems like it hardly rains in sunny Sidney!

We sincerely invite you to join us doing something we just love to do, which is getting out on the water.  Please see below for specific information about our Half Day, Full Day, Sunset TourWhat to Bring On A Guided Kayak TourRentals and Rental Rates.

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